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Cordless Roman Shades

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From cordless blinds to motorized sheer fabric shades, the range of window treatments you can get for your home or office is very wide. The tips below provide some useful and helpful advice that, hopefully, will help you make your window treatments last.

Motorized curtains are just as viable an option as automatic blinds and shades

All sorts of draperies can be combined with a motorized system to automate their operation. With remote control curtains, you can easily let some sunlight in in a cool and very high-tech kind of way. Motorized curtains can work really great in bedrooms, where you probably want the convenience of remote control or smartphone app usage to brighten or darken the room setting. It's really no wonder why motorized curtains have become nearly as popular as automatic shades.

Consider faux wood blinds over hardwood blinds

While real wood is beautiful and has a classic sense of elegance, it requires quite a bit of maintenance, which means time and effort. You need to ensure it doesn't rot or warp by treating it on a regular basis. With faux wood blinds, you can achieve a variety of real-like looks, without having to worry about special maintenance routines. Faux wood blinds are far more durable, as often they're made of vinyl or PVC, which means they have more give and won't break as easily. While real wood is a natural insulator, faux wood materials aren't, but in all other aspects that can be near identical to the real thing, and won't cost as much or require a lot of upkeep.

The fabric of your shades requires some consideration

You need to make sure that the material you choose for your new custom made shades actually suits the purpose. For living rooms and kitchens and other parts of your home (or business) where you want some sunlight to still get through, sheer fabric is ideal. However, for bedrooms, meeting rooms, and even TV rooms, blackout fabric shades will be better suited. Blackout fabric also determines how much privacy you'll have, so that's another consideration you need to take.


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