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Getting custom made window coverings will allow you to maximize the utility you can get from natural sunlight. Of course, you may have some questions like, which shades are the best one for me, or what material should I choose for blackout blinds? Don’t worry. If the FAQs below don’t provide these answers, our experts, which you can get on the phone, surely will.

Do blackout roller shades reduce heat?

Blackout roller shades, when fitted to cover the entire window, can block sunlight and reduce heat transfer through the windows by a not insignificant percentage. The important factor is the type of fabric used – high quality thermal fabric is the best option. You must close the shades or blinds before the sun starts to heat up the house; if the room faces east – lower the covers early in the morning and if it’s facing west – close the blinds before the afternoon sun arrives.

What are day/night roller blinds?

The most common type of day/night roller blinds or shades is comprised of two materials that are hung on one fixture. One layer, made of acrylic coated fabric, provides the blackout function, while the second is usually made of sheer fabric, to allow for natural sunlight to brighten the room. Another popular option is a shade made of double fabric with transparent and opaque horizontal stripes and a special chain control mechanism that can fold and unfold, thus enabling the adjustment of the amount of light that enters the room.

What are the key components that contribute to window blinds automation?

Motorized blinds allow you to control your window treatments without manually pulling a cord or titling a wand. The vital components are a motor and a power supply (battery pack, solar power, plug-in transformer or a multi-motor power supply), a remote control and/or a wall switch. Sometimes special cords are required, but there are wireless options as well. Most modern models, especially ones made by Somfy and Lutron, can be integrated into your smart home automation system. That means they allow for smartphone or a tablet control, and might also include voice control and sun tracking options.


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