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Should I Get Hardwired or Battery Powered Shades?

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Should I Get Hardwired or Battery Powered Shades?

Hardwired or Battery Powered Shades? | La Mesa Blinds & Shades, CA

Automatic window coverings bring a wide range of benefits to any home or business. These include better security, more convenience, and even improved energy efficiency. They’re very easy to install, and can be designed to suit any property. Not to mention, the shades themselves can be custom made to fit your windows perfectly. When it comes to motorization, one of the crucial choices you’ll need to make before installing the motorized shades is deciding which type of fitting suits you. Both hardwired and battery powered systems have their advantages, so how do you know which is better for your property?

The Pros and Cons Of Battery Powered Shades

These automatic coverings are completely self-contained; they need no exterior power whatsoever and operate via an independent power source. That means that they can also keep working during power outages. They’re incredibly easy to install, since they simply need to be secured in place and correctly calibrated. Functionality is exactly the same as for wired systems, and battery powered shades can be controlled in the same wide variety of ways as any other motorized window coverings. One key advantage is that they need no wiring to be fitted; this means that they fit perfectly into awkward positions, such as above the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. Their installation is, therefore, faster and easier. The potential disadvantage, when compared to the hardwired version, is slower movement and potentially slightly asymmetric operation when trying to control a multitude of different sets of blinds and shades simultaneously.

Why Choose Hardwired Shade Systems?

The battery powered units are extremely convenient, but they’re not always the right choice for everyone. In order to run off a battery they must use a less powerful drive system. This means that they’re unsuitable for particularly large or heavy shades, such as those you might find in a living room or bathroom. Hardwired electric blinds use your main electrical system as a power source, so they can provide a lot more torque and drive and will have no trouble controlling several sets of window treatments simultaneously. They also tend to be quieter than their battery powered counterparts.

Which Type of Power Source Should I Choose?

It depends on the windows in question, their location, size, and various other factors. Do you want to create a symmetric look when opening or closing all your motorized blinds simultaneously? Or do you want to avoid a more complex installation and have the option to keep using the shades during blackouts? Deciding can be difficult, and some advantages or downsides aren’t always clear. Rather than losing sleep over this, do yourself a favor and contact La Mesa Blinds & Shades to schedule a free in-person consultation with one of our representatives.


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